Todays Mission…

So far my jewellery workshop creations have been a little disheartening…many samples of burnt metal made and so I decided maybe I should try another tact…which led me to my current interest in porceline…here is the bowl I am hoping to glaze …just experimenting with working with this material and enjoying hap hazard creations!

…I have decided I want to try to pattern the inside …hence my mould making below …lets hope there will be more to come!

Second Hand Rose…

“I’m wearing second hand hats

Second hand clothes

Thats why they call me

Second Hand Rose”

Ziegfeld Follies 1921

This jewellery collection was inspired by the above poem. I like the idea of a juxtaposition between old statement accessories and their owners. In this collection my aim is to restyle mens braces; making a typically masculine accessory feminine…

vintage papers, buttons, wire, collage material modelled on Emily Buchanan