Todays Mission…

So far my jewellery workshop creations have been a little disheartening…many samples of burnt metal made and so I decided maybe I should try another tact…which led me to my current interest in porceline…here is the bowl I am hoping to glaze …just experimenting with working with this material and enjoying hap hazard creations!

…I have decided I want to try to pattern the inside …hence my mould making below …lets hope there will be more to come!


One thought on “Todays Mission…

  1. Interesting… Did you know that Europeans tried for hundreds of years to discover the secret of porcelain from the Chinese? Couldn’t figure it out.
    The word porcelain comes from the Italian porcelino which means “baby pig”. Porcelino is what they call a whelk, the sea creature, because its shell looks like a suckling pig, and porcelain looks like the material the whelk’s shell is made of! Hope that makes sense…
    So when you’re making porcelain you’re making “baby pig”!

    (it turned out the secret of porcelain was the high temperature at which it’s baked and both the Chinese and the Europeans discovered it by accident. But for a long long time it was highly treasured because it was so difficult to transport over here in one piece)

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